RCUSA is A Coalition Dedicated To Refugee Protection, Welcome, And Excellence In The U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program

RCUSA opposes the revised Executive Order renewing
the U.S. ban on refugee resettlement

This harmful and ill-considered order singles out the most vetted, most vulnerable people, and will not improve national security.  We applaud the United States’ District Court in Hawaii’s recent decision to issue a temporary restraining order that blocks the execution of the Trump Administration’s Executive Order.

Faith Leaders Support Refugee Resettlement in Texas

Texans have been successfully welcoming refugees for more than 40 years with strong support from the faith community.  Over 300 Texas faith leaders from across the state have signed on to letter supporting refugees and urging Texas Governor Greg Abbott and members of the Texas legislature to continue welcoming refugees in the state. 
Read the letter and additional statements from the faith leaders.

Photo Credit: EMM

Photo Credit: EMM

Refugee resettlement

Resettlement allows vulnerable refugees to live in safety and freedom in a new country. The U.S. program provides new beginnings for thousands of refugees each year.

Photo Credit: C. Fuchs, JRS/USA

Take Action

Now more than ever your voice is needed to support, welcome, and protect refugees. Contact your elected officials and support refugee welcome in your community. 

Photo Credit: C. Fuchs, JRS/USA

Did you know that Albert Einstein was a refugee? And so was the founder of Google? And the owner of that restaurant you love? Find out more about how resettled refugees have contributed their skills, strengths, and ideas to help make America stronger.