Photo Credit: LIRS

Photo Credit: LIRS

Contributions of Refugees to the U.S.

Refugees contribute to their communities in significant ways.  They pay taxes and open businesses, contributing to the economy, bring expertise, new ideas, culture, cuisine, entertainment, and much more. 

Did you know these accomplishments were made by refugees in the U.S.?

First Woman & 64th Secretary of State
Position held by Madeleine Albright from Czechoslovakia

Co-founded by Sergei Brin from Russia

Gloria Estefan from Cuba
Miriam Makeba from South Africa
Regina Spektor from Russia
Wyclef Jean from Haiti

Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Diplomat
Henry Kissinger from Germany

Sriracha Hot Sauce
Created by David Tran from Vietnam

Theory of Relativity
Created by Albert Einstein from Germany

UN Genocide Convention
Authored by Raphael Lemkin from Poland

Video Games
Invented by Ralph Baer from Germany