Displaced Colombians

Childrren of PTH Refugees Jaque PanamaThe conflict in Colombia has displaced more than 5 million people, making it one of the largest displacement crises in the world. Armed groups associated with drug trafficking in addition to guerilla and paramilitary groups continue to contribute to displacement, as well as natural disasters. The conflict has disproportionately affected Afro-Colombians and indigenous communities.  In addition to the large numbers displaced inside Colombia, an estimated 200,000 Colombians are currently seeking safety in Ecuador, an impoverished country that is also home to the largest refugee population in Latin America.

There are significant unmet humanitarian needs inside Colombia and among the refugees in Ecuador. As displacement has increased over the years, displaced Colombians have fallen deeper into poverty. The U.S. should take all possible steps to ensure that humanitarian assistance is more reflective of the magnitude of the crisis inside Colombia and among refugees in neighboring Ecuador, as well as support durable solutions for Colombian refugees.

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Photo credits: JRS USA/S. Aber